Wellness in Hotel Auwirt

In our classy, new relaxation rooms you can relax very well. Experience well-being in our wellness spa with sauna, steam bath, infrared cabin, massage shower and relaxation room.


Steam bath

The steam bath was already known in ancient Greek. It is a comfortable sweating bath with a sauna similar effect - not as hot as a normal sauna, but much more rheumy.


Finnish Sauna

The type of sauna is very popular. The hot air circulates in the cabin, which is accommodated with three banks, from the oven towards the ceiling. You can choose between three temperature zones: 

  • Above the third and highest located bank the air temperature is between 85° until 90° degrees.
  • Above the second bank between 70° until 80° degrees.
  • Above the first bank between 60 und 70°.

Hotel Auwirt finnish sauna


Infrared cabin

Infrared cabins do not heaten the body above the hot compartment air, as for instance the Finnish sauna does, but via infrared radiation that are produced by the infrared lamps. 

Nevertheless, different than in a sauna, the air persists on a low level of 40° until maximum 60° degrees, whereby you can breath more easily, the circulation is less stressed and the oxygen supply of the body improves.


Wellness shower

Comfortable, refreshing and relaxing: The wellness shower offers a special relaxation experience and many special functions.

Wellness shower Hotel Auwirt


Relaxation room

During your stay in our wellness world you can make yourself comfortable in our relaxation room. The combination of rest, the comfortable warmth and a good book help you to forget everyday stress and you can relax.

Hotel Auwirt relaxation room


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